Journal of Apicultural Science

Distribution and relative abundance of bumble bees (Bombus and Psithyrus) in Hungary

Journal of Apicultural Science. Volume 47, Issue 1, Pages 73-78, ISSN (Print) 1643-4439
The distribution data of the Bombus and Psithyrus species occurring in Hungary were collated into a database. Over 6,500 occurrence data represented 25 Bombus and 6 Psithyrus species. Our summarised data covered the 42% of the UTM squares in Hungary. Three of the bumble bee species (B. distinguendus, B. elegans and B. serrisquama) had only occurrence data from before 1953 so these species are probably extinct in Hungary. Regarding the relative occurrence frequency of the species, we found that the Hungarian bumble bee fauna has a great percentage of rare species. We found that most of the bumble bee species had shown a declining relative distribution in the last 50 years.
bumblebee, Bombus, cucoobumblebee, Psithyrus, distribution, Hungary
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