Journal of Apicultural Science

Effect of early supplemental feeding honeybeecolonies with a substitute of bee bread made of drone brood candy, glucose and honey on colony strength

Journal of Apicultural Science. Volume 49, Issue 1, Pages 41-46, ISSN (Print) 1643-4439
The experiment was run in a stationary apiary, at Grabownice, the poviat of Brzozów, in the spring of 2004. The trial involved nineteen honeybee colonies divided into two groups:
group I - 10 honeybee colonies were fed candy mix made of drone pupae and powdered glucose,
group II - 9 colonies fed honey-and-sugar candy.
The development of colonies was assessed based on brood area measurements. The experiments furnished evidence that early spring feeding of honeybee colonies with a mix of drone brood and glucose raised brood number in the colonies but only when the bees were unable to forage for pollen. Later in the season, i.e. in April and in May feeding with candy not only failed to increase colony strength but had an inhibitory effect. Thus feeding that kind of bee bread substitute in April and May is unwarranted since at that time the bees can feed the brood with the food made of freshly harvested pollen and with bee bread made thereof.
colony strength, drone brood, colony development
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