Journal of Apicultural Science

Investigations on species resources of bees (Hymenoptera: Apiformes) in Poland during last century

Journal of Apicultural Science. Volume 50, Issue 2, Pages 21-32, ISSN (Print) 1643-4439
This article reviews the results of last century investigations on local and regional biodiversity of bees in Poland. In the last century a mere 7.3% of the country's area was investigated. Theese were 239 UTM squares (10 x 10 km). The explored UTM squares can be used for monitoring the local or regional diversity of Apiformes in Poland. The most important studies have been conducted in the basin of Vistula river. It was found that 90% of the total number of bee species were those occurring in the middle and lower Vistula valley. Such species occuring emphasizes their importance as a refuge for native bee resources in the conception of European Network program (EECONET) and the Polish program of natural protection Natura 2000.
Hymenoptera, Apiformes, bees, species resources, Poland
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