Journal of Apicultural Science

Nectar production of some sunflower hybrids

Journal of Apicultural Science. Volume 50, Issue 2, Pages 109-113, ISSN (Print) 1643-4439
This study analysed the results of nectar production, sugar concentration and calculated the sugar value of some sunflower hybrids in Hungary. The influence of the main climatic factors on the nectar production and sugar concentration was also studied. The experiment was carried out at two different sites in Hungary, in the Ecotoxicological Laboratory at Fácánkert and in the Institute for Small Animal Research at Gödöllő (samples were collected from Kerekharaszt, ABM-Gramina Ltd.).
The average nectar production per flower was 0.12-0.21 mg at Fácánkert and 0.08-0.15 mg at Kerekharaszt. The refraction values were 44.8-59.0% and 45.7-61.3%. Honey bees visited the fields all day, even in the hot midday hours. From the beginning of the year, the precipitation was less and the temperature was higher at Kerekharaszt, thus, the nectar production was lower but more concentrated at this site.
In the previous years in Hungary very low sunflower nectar collection of honey bees and honey yield was observed. However, the current results show that it did not directly relate to the introduction of new sunflower hybrids.
Sunflower hybrids, nectar, sugar concentration, sugar value
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