Journal of Apicultural Science

Sugar content, trehalase activity and trehalose level in drone prepupae of Apis mellifera carnica parasitized with varroa

Journal of Apicultural Science. Volume 49, Issue 1, Pages 79-84, ISSN (Print) 1643-4439
A study performed on drone prepupae of honeybees Apis mellifera carnica naturally infested with Varroa destructor showed a significantly lower sugar content, 7.08 ą 2.34%, as compared to 11.98 ą 2.16% in non-infested larvae. The trehalose level in infested larvae was also significantly higher than in their non-infested counterparts - 1.74 ą 0.46 % and 2.23 ą 0.39 % (p < 0.05), respectively. The latter difference may be the result of trehalase activity that was observed to be increased by one-half in infested prepupae. The results suggest that, as a result of Varroa infestation, the rate of saccharide consumption in drone larvae undergoes acceleration.
drone prepupa, Apis mellifera carnica, Varroa destructor, varroatosis, sugars, trehalose, trehalase
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